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The benefits of solar energy are being enjoyed by more people each & every day. See why it’s a no-brainer.


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GR8FL Solar

Core Values

GR8FL Solar is an energy company that optimizes the solar installation process to remove gray areas & allow the process to flow smoothly from start to finish.  As a customer, you are diligently cared for & professionally guided throughout your journey with solar.  We pride ourselves on ethics & transparency which allows our customers to feel supported, happy, & independent from volatile prices of utility companies.

GR8FL Attitude

Find peace in knowing you’ve found the solution to being energy independent & in control of your bills. Our team always operates from a place of gratitude -- we're grateful for you and your choice to go solar.

Action Oriented

The sole mission of every GR8FL representative is to ensure that your decision to switch to solar makes absolute sense & that you come out on top feeling good about your positive contribution to the environment. 

Sustainable Growth

Solar is becoming a heavily sought after alternative. Enter your solar journey with excitement knowing that your home will increase with value by utilizing solar energy & technology. Homes with solar simply sell for more.

Customer Service

Our team is dedicated to you.  The ‘GR8FL Standard of Excellence’ doesn’t leave room to skimp on communication, quality, or customer satisfaction at any time during the solar process. 

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